Friday, March 30, 2007

life is a highway

The latest addition to Parker's wheeled out wardrobe - Conte's Camion! This is the official unveiling of Eric's freezer paper transfer shirt that I mentioned over president's day weekend! It's pretty cool and Parker is excited to be wearing it today.Good job Eric!
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Cloud Coverage

Parker came home from his class yesterday looking up at the sky and talking about the clouds! They did a pretty cool activity that started with reading the book "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" which is a cool little book on what the shape of clouds look like. They followed up with an art project that started with a big blob of white paint on the center of a blue piece of paper. They folded the paper in half, pressed down and opened the paper to reveal their "cloud" formation. Then went around and each little one stated what they thought their cloud looked like. Parker said his looks like a butterfly. I see a bunny. I loved this activity so much that I had to share. I've tried to talk about the clouds and the shapes that I see in the past with the little man but he just didn't get it. Now he's all over it.
What simple kind of fun! Here's a cool photo of clouds that I took a few weeks ago in Pittsburgh...

Monday, March 19, 2007

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Wow - it's been weeks since my last post! Parker & I went to Pittsburgh to visit my Mom who was going to have a "simple" medical procedure. Unfortunately, she has to have "serious" heart surgery and just 2 days later she was on her way home but suffered various complications which still have her in the hospital. The good news is she is doing better every day and is on the road to recovery. We did get to spend some time with her before her surgery, so Parker and Grammy made some tasty, colorful muffins! We got quite a taste of suburban life...I am now a pro at getting Parker in and out of the car seat without hitting his head on the car ceiling or the door. I was also surprised at how fun grocery shopping can be when Parker can sit in a cool red truck and "drive" the cart around as we shop!
There is also an awesome indoor playground at the brand new mall, which also has a carousel, a movie theater, his new favorite restaurant, Johnny Rockets, an indoor glow in the dark mini golf place, a chance to drive "Arthur" to school
plus he even learned about "self serve"...
No worries, it's not a real gas pump! If you are ever in Pittsburgh, Pa. check out the Children's Museum. It's awesome and blows Manhattan & Brooklyn Children's museums away. It's not so much fun being at Grammy's house when she's not there so we are back in Brooklyn and look forward to visiting her when she get's home. Parker is ready to go on the airplane again - much to my surprise he snagged the jet blue headphones!