Sunday, June 24, 2007

teacher totes

the little man is graduating from his pre-school program this week so with his help in choosing which fabrics were for which teacher - I made all four of his teachers fun colorful totes. I wish this program would continue for age 3. It's only a couple days a week for 3 hours, conveniently located and he likes it but after much pressure from all the parents , the program was unable to squeeze in an older class into it's schedule. It seems that our Brooklyn neighborhood has over blossomed with 3 year old kids and unless there is an older sibling in the school or you have a wicked amount of money to just donate to the place on top of tuition - you ain't gettin' in. We went through a ridiculous pre-school admissions process for the 2007-08 year which included application fees which mirrored my college app. fees, interviews and a long waiting process (tuition which also came pretty close to a university semester) only to be wait listed. We have a few alternative choices which are: 1) within walking distance, a 5 day a week, 8am-2pm, uniform wearing, strictly academic parochial school 2) travel via 2 subways or a long bus to a 3 day a week Spanish speaking class which sounds great but when I went to visit none of the kids were speaking - English or Spanish. I sent my Spanish speaking husband t0 check it out next and he was having trouble understanding the teacher 3) travel via 1 subway to Manhattan for a 2 day a week music & arts class. It's stressful to figure this one out...but I must remind myself it's all about having fun for him and try to chill out. Is it like this in your neighborhood or is this only a nyc thing?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Jennyp. I can watch the little tike on week days for free. I have most of the neighborhoods kids over. They love hangin out in my basement watching the wiggles on my HD TV. I keep some of the friskier kids entertained with fireworks. Don't worry nothing too dangerous. Sparklers roman candles and bottle rockets never hurt no one. Let know sweetie. Big Russ

michelle said...

Teacher Totes!! So awesome! How cool are you?!!
I am shocked about the Preschool chaos! WOW!!! I had no idea that it could be so tuff!! I do have Sophia on a waiting list for 2008! Madison almost did not get into the preschool of my choice (due to a waiting list issue!). Madison is starting K in Sept!! YIKES!!
Parker is SO CUTE!! Sending him lots of HUGS & KISSES!!!!
Michelle, Madison & Sophia