Friday, January 19, 2007


When I asked my son what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween he said "a firetruck". I said "a fireman?" and he replied "no, a fire-truck". So the instant-on craft function in my brain went into overdrive. I started with 2 cardboard boxes from Fresh Direct and went to work...Basic stuff like cutting out the shape, spray painting the red base and cutting out the wheels then I ran into some difficulty. I was having trouble painting the white & yellow stripes that go all around the firetruck (half way through the process I realized that I could have just bought yellow & white tape and been done in 2 and 1/2 minutes but then I wouldn't have heard this...) I was having a pretty difficult time keeping the lines straight and out of nowhere, my 2.5 year old boy said "Great Job Mommy" and then continued to play with his trucks. I was almost done at that point but his encouragement made me add some extras: F.D.N.Y logos, the "window", crocheted "ladder" straps, working headlights (which his hands are covering in the photo) & red/blue flashing siren stars. Honestly - it was a pretty cool costume and he loved it!


Ali said...

Welcome to blogging! Your son's costume is incredible - don't let my kids see or you know what my project for this week will be!

Thanks for the sidebar mention too.

raspberry said...

That is amazing, I don't think anything could top that as a fancy dress outfit - wowowow!!!