Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Parker's friend Anna is celebrating her 3rd birthday on Saturday and along with a plethora of Dora the Exporler goodies I continued my felt fiesta by making her a buzzing bee shirt. This felt thing is fun and I'm trying to think about what kind of designs I can add to my clothes that won't make me look like a toddler! Any ideas?


Ali said...

I love customised adult clothing too. The key to me seems to be in the placement of the decoration - I've seen some great applique down on the hemline of shirts and at the cuffs too. I's a bit less 'in your face' than the children manage to get away with!

Ali said...

Forgot to say... love the bee - especially the daisies!

Sarah said...

i like to add birds or deer or foliage to skirts. www.randomnichole.com is a great source of inspiration and boden or monsoon catalogues usually have the odd little beauty too! i love the fire truck costume!