Thursday, February 1, 2007

style mojo

I found a very pretty brown ball of yarn in my stash and decided to make a hat. I didn't use a pattern and I'm far from an expert crochet person but it looks pretty cool. I added a three shade blue flower which is attached with a vintage button. I kept going and whipped up a few for my first ever swap at swap-bot. I hope that my partners like them.

Thanks for the response to my previous post, Ali. I'm sure that I can unearth a shirt from the deep dark corner of my closet. I don't seem to wear much of anything fashionable these days and here are the top 3 reasons....

1) We packed and moved into a new home when I was 39 1/2 weeks pregnant. Thanks to Oprah, I followed the professional closet organizer mantra of "if you haven't worn in almost a year - toss it". NOT a good thing when you've got preggo brain and carrying around an extra 40 pounds. It was a lucky day for the charity thrift shop patron who wore a size 10!

2) The remaining few non-comfortable pant items moved to the back of the closet when Parker started walking at around 10 months old and then running soon after.

3) In my former life working at MTV - especially in the world of the now defunct series House of Style - I was pretty adventurous with my dress. Now my closet looks like the last chance sale rack at Old Navy. I seem to gravitate to clothes that are cheap, wearable and won't make you cry if it's used as a toddler tissue.

Maybe a fresh embellished skirt will help me get my style mojo back.
I'll keep you posted.


Eren said...

Love your hat!!!!! And of course I love that you made it w/o a pattern. Gotta add a flower like that to my next one.

Anonymous said...

The hat looks beautiful! I started knitting not that long ago but I'm not up to hats yet. They have to be knitted in a round and I'm barely able to use the needles. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

karen said...

What a fab hat - love the colours with the shades of blue flower attached - just the sort of thing I owuld wear - when are you opening a shop!

Angel Jem said...

The hat looks cool! I love the felt flower trim, I'm going to make some this week for my daughter who has (finally) consented to wear hair-bobbles "as lond as they are pwetty ones, mummy" Eh, well, I didn't have anything else to do did I?(like clean the house, clear the garage, make some meals, decorate....)