Thursday, February 8, 2007

fly the friendly skies

"I want a big, red airplane with 3 propellers! One on the nose and the other two on the sides", Parker responded to the question 'what should we paint onto this shirt' and here it is! About a month ago I read something about freezer paper transfers and did a search and found this awesome Dino shirt on domesticali. I also entered the world of craft blogs and got motivated to start my own. It's taken a few weeks to actually make Parker's shirt, because I spend every free minute visiting cool blogs then checking out the links to other cool blogs and seeing a lot of really creative stuff. So thank you all for being so inventive and sharing.
For this little number, I followed a great freezer paper transfer tutorial here and at angry chicken
and went to work. I finally unveiled it to the little man after adding a "P" on the tail and he loves it!


Angel Jem said...

I love the plane! It's part of my aim this week to make t-shirts with my gang... but it's more likely to be batman than planes, now, I'm afraid!

Anonymous said...

I love the shirt. and the hearts. and when you fuss in your sleep. happy valentine's day!

capello said...

okay, i'm totally loving the shirt.

i have freezer paper and plain t's, but i *still* haven't done this yet.