Thursday, February 15, 2007


Parker's friend ZOE turned 3 yesterday and she threw a huge party in his class - pizza, cupcakes and he came home with a bag full of many surprises! He had a blast and was sugared up for the rest of the day - no nap for him! Zoe is a pretty sophisticated 3 year old so I made her some personalized stationery. A few different designs and wrapped up with a purple stuffed monkey & care bear crayons and she is set to scribble away a few love notes.
I can remember when I was a teenager, my Mom gave me my own monogrammed letter pressed stationery. It came in a flowered box and it was so cool. I was very selective as to who I would send one of the coveted notecards to because I never wanted to run out! As I typed this, I looked in the back of my desk drawer and here it is! The flowered box from "sir james printing" 20 cards remain...too bad that I didn't keep my maiden name. I probably never told you Mom how much I loved the stationery, so Thank you!
Is it still cool to give stationery as a gift in the age of e-mail?


Ali said...

Yes, I think it's still a cool gift. Love the fact that you still have some of yours.

Anonymous said...

The idea of personalized stationary as a gift is fabulous! I also remember how much I loved receiving cards with my name on them as a young girl. I enjoyed looking at all your insanely fantastic crafts on this blog... Your friend and fan, Kate

caroline said...

What a brilliant idea and what lovely stationery you created.

Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog - it means I have found your lovely blog.

Angel Jem said...

Yes, stationery is more necessary now than ever, otherwise what are we going to leave behind as archive when the civilisation collapses and the technophobics destroy all the computers? besides, I love the feel and excitement of a true letter. E-mail (quick, easy and flat) doesn't compare.