Monday, April 23, 2007

86 degrees and no pedicure

Today's temperature high was 86 degrees and as I frolicked throughout the playground in my sweaty socks and sneakers - i really wished that I could have 37 minutes of alone time to get a pedicure. I think that my many single, child-free years really spoiled me with boat loads of free time to pamper myself with facials, manicures, hair cuts and happy hours. Now, when I do get the odd hour "off" - I go to a doctor appointment - and not the kind that can make me look younger, thinner or more beautiful. Those good ole days are fun to look back on but life with my boys is the best! For example, I did get these super gorgeous roses from Eric on our Boy's 3rd birthday last week and they get prettier every day.
Maybe I should cave in and buy some need for a pedicure & they keep your feet cool.

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Ali said...

I love my crocs. And what a great idea - flowers for you on your son's birthday. After all, you did the work!!