Saturday, April 21, 2007

click...take a pic

Here's the man using one of his birthday gifts...a cool made for kids digital camera! He has been snapping pictures of everything and has been actually setting up items to be photographed!

Here's his first collection:
his beloved Mack red tulips
our building a crane barge
his shoe the sky daddy mommy cars on the carpet diego on tvThis is too funny. Thanks for the camera Grandma!


Ali said...

Mark has the same camera. Top gift!!

Jo said...

Too cool! Following Daddy-O's footsteps! Watch out MTV!

Janene said...

I love the pictures Parker took. The shoes and sky! Too Funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Parker's photo collection!!
Madison has the same camera in pink! The video making software it came with is AMAZING!!! Hope you checked it out!!
Love & miss you all!!