Monday, April 9, 2007

Wafer Madness

So a while ago I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this at Smitten amazing looking ice box cake made with the notoriously hard to find Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers. Well, the Brooklyn Pathmark has loads of them in stock so here is my first attempt at this tasty looking pile of goodness. I think it looks cool but I have to say that Deb's original at Smitten Kitchen is a masterpiece and her photography skills are awesome plus it's nice that she has shared the super simple recipe. We will be doing a taste test tomorrow with friends who are visiting from Virginia Beach.
We are also gearing up for Parker's 3rd Birthday Party. He has requested a Wonder Pets! party...which is the super cool Nick/Noggin show about school house pets travel in their "flyboat" to save animals in trouble ... The show is fairly new so unfortunately there is absolutely no merchandise/party supplies available to purchase. It's gonna be a handmade b-day. Any and all ideas are welcome!


vintagechica said...

Please tell your friend hello for me! We miss Va. Beach terribly, but will be moving back there in June...wooohooo! Oh, and you can scan the wonderpets image and print it on fabric, then the sky is the limit...t=shirt, towels, softies, you name it. We did some of this kind of thing when my boys were into a European video called Bing and mercandise either. Good luck!

Janene said...

Ummm. Can you make that chocolate thing the next time you come to visit?? :)