Tuesday, April 3, 2007

sneaky cupcake

I had to try this tasty looking cupcake which I found my way to last week at 52 Cupcakes! I was hoping that Parker would actually eat a strawberry if it was hidden inside the cupcake...but he just took it and gobbled up the cake. Very good and fun to make!
We also got inspired by the felt bunnies from someone's crafty blog. I thought that I bookmarked the location so I could link to it but I can not find the cute felt bunnies anywhere. But we used the pattern and cut them out of colored cardstock, added pom pom tails and they will be easter dinner placecards.
We had planned to color eggs today since it has been raining here in Brooklyn but a leaking pipe in the building led the crack smoking matinence team to our apartment and we've spent the day with hordes of men removing our kitchen cabinets, busting open the wall and making a mess of our home only to realize that the need to order a part and will need to come back tomorrow. My temperment hasn't been on the good side lately so it's an added stress that we didn't need - but venting here makes me feel a little better!


capello said...

mmmmm.... cupcakes ::drool::

Ali said...

I love Parker's plate - perfectly matches the cupcake sprinkles!

And boo to your maintainence folk.