Monday, April 16, 2007

knockoff pinata

the one good thing about 2 days of crappy weather is alot of time to create Wonder Pets birthday party supplies! There are a few things in the works but here is Tuck the turtle pinata. I found a turtle pinata at the party store and turned him into "Tuck" by adding his homemade funky felt hat, cut out a cape from red fabric with a computer printed wonder pets logo and drew water shoes on his feet. I also added ribbons underneath and made it a pull string pinata - I think that's a little safer than giving a slew of 3 year olds a chance to whack me with a bat!
Tuck vs. the Knockoff Pinata!


Eren said...

Your "tuck" looks great!!! Perfect hat and cape. Great job Mom!

Janene said...

Great job Jennif. And you were worried about it.